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Create Your Own Group Offers

We allow you to create your own group offers to promote to your customer base.
Build your brand and drive sales with our powerful tools.


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Other group offer sites are not interested in helping you build your brand, they want to build their own. They control many of the aspects of the offer and maintain control over the customer base.

Our method is just the opposite. We give you total control over every aspect of the offer and the promotion of the offer. Use email, sms, social media and more to promote and distribute your offers.

User Experience







  • Promote YOUR Brand
  • Target the customers you want
  • Promote offers that generate profit
  • Control the quantity of sales


  • Target Bargain Hunters with your offers
  • Turn regular customers into discounts
  • Pay 50% of the offer in fees
  • Create so much discounted business that you can't sell at regular price

What We Do
Our Capabilities

A highly skilled professional service with a creative touch.

Branded Group Offers
Integrated Look & Feel

Create your own group offer to be embedded into your website, Facebook page or anywhere else you want your offer to appear.

Social Media Sharing
Go Viral

Allow your customers to share your offers and social media and watch your business grow!

Mobile Optimization
Faster than Light

Most of your customers will be purchasing your offers with their mobile device and our interface is mobile friendly.

Frequently Asked

Check out our frequently asked quesions to see how MyGroupOffer can work for you.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract to use myGroupOffer?

No. Our service is provided as a month-to-month subscription that automatically renews each month unless you cancel your service. You may cancel at any time without penalty.

How does the customer pay for an offer and what do they get in return?

The transaction takes place using an API (Application Program Interface) from either Authorize.net or Stripe. The Merchant (you) will be required to create an account with either of those third parties and the payment will go directly to your account. The consumer will be issued a certificate to redeem at your location complete with a bar code and certificate number for tracking purposes.

Affordable, easy to use , brandable & totally controlled by you!

Bob McGrath

Groupon never made sense to me. Why pay a huge percentage of your sales when you can create your own group offers!

Bob McGrath

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$2 Per Offer Sold Transaction Fee
Full Email Support
Unlimited Offers

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