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Why It Works

Unlike coupons, group discount offers require an upfront buying commitment and create a sense of urgency.

Promote Your Brand

Our solution is embeded directly into your website, driving customers to your site and promoting your brand, not ours!

Reward Loyalty

Our competitors promise you new customers, but the fact is, their buyers are only loyal to them and are always looking for next deal.

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Cost Effective

It is proven that group offers work, but at what cost? With our competitors, most often you are only earning 25 cents on the dollar!

Total Control

We don't dictate anything about the offers you create. You control the discount amount, qty sold and start and end time.

Proven Concept

It has been proven that group offers work. With us, you can leverage this new buying craze without giving away the store!

No Upfront Cost

No out of pocket. We charge only $1 per offer sold. It doesn't get
any more affordable than that to run group offers!

Welcome to myGroupOffer!

myGroupOffer is a web based marketing service provider that offers state of the art solutions for your business. Our tools allow you to leverage the newest craze in advertising - under your control.

Create your own group offers and embed them into your website. Build your own brand, not ours!

In these tough economic times, it is more important than ever to retain your loyal customers. Why would you create a group offer that sent consumers to someone else's site when you could send them to your own? With myGroupOffer, your offer is displayed with your branding!


"I never could understand why a business would run a Groupon. Why sell your product for 25 cents on the dollar and then wait for up to 90 days to get your money? The first offer we did with myGroupOffer produced over $6,000 in sales and the money went directly to our bank account. Now that makes sense!"
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