Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to sign a long-term contract to use myGroupOffer?

    No. Our service is provided as a month-to-month subscription that automatically renews each month unless you cancel your service. You may cancel at any time without penalty.

  • What is the fee structure?

    Our fee is 10% of the offers sold.

  • How does my customer pay for my offer, and how do I get my money?

    We process credit cards through We'll write you a check within a week of your offer running, and weekly thereafter if the offer is still running.

  • Does payment go from my customer to myGroupOffer then to me?

    Not if you have your own account.

  • How do my offers get in front of customers?

    We design an email around your offer. When you approve of the design and content, you distribute the email to those on your email list through your regular email provider.

  • Our company has multiple locations across the country. What programs do you offer that would be of interest to us?

    We offer discounts on our monthly rates for multiple locations, which vary based upon the number of locations involved. Contact our sales department for details.

    We also provide a complete corporate dashboard service, which provides you with the ability to graphically measure the effectiveness of your sales campaigns by sales region, state, or individual location. There is no additional fee for this service.

  • How is that different from me simply sending an email with a coupon for my offer to my email list? It would be less expensive than using myGroupOffer.

    The email you send out using myGroupOffer contains a link which will take the buyer right to your website, where your offer will appear. This builds traffic to your website, giving you maximum exposure to your branding. You can set a maximum number of offers that can be purchased. This creates a sense of urgency for your customer - to purchase while the offer is still available. myGroupOffer provides you with tracking and redemption tools to accurately monitor the success of your offer, and finally, your customer pays for the offer at the time of purchase, and you get your money almost immediately. With a coupon, you never know how many will be acted upon, and any revenue benefit is delayed until the coupon is redeemed.

  • I've heard stories about merchants running offers with other services and being overwhelmed with low revenue-producing business, to the point of taxing their personnel and finances to the maximum. How does myGroupOffer help me avoid creating similar problems?

    First, we encourage you to realistically determine how much business you can handle with your staffing and other resources. Set a maximum number of offers that can be purchased. When that maximum is reached, our system will cease selling any more offers. Next, we recommend you consider the use another of our services, Internet appointment scheduling, which will permit your customers to schedule their time with you using the Internet, rather than phoning or emailing you. This removes the chore of appointment scheduling from your personnel. It also permits you to "sandwich in" your discounted offers with full paying customers, thereby giving you a steadier and leveled cash flow. There is no additional fee for this service with our monthly plan.

  • It takes up to 90 days to get my money with other group offer services. How long does it take to get paid using myGroupOffer?

    If you have your own account, payment is processed through your merchant account at the time a customer buys your offer. The money is deposited into your bank account the same as any other credit card transaction - usually 2-4 business days. Payment does not pass through us to you, it goes directly to you. If your transactions go through our account, we'll settle with you by check weekly.

  • How do I make sure a customer is presenting me with a valid certificate? What's to keep someone from creating an exact duplicate of your certificate with desktop publishing software and presenting it to my business for redemption?

    Every certificate issued through myGroupOffer shows the name of the business it may be redeemed at, the name of the purchaser and a unique bar code. Another certificate for the same offer will display a different and unique bar code. We provide an Internet interface you can bring up from your place of business front counter or back-office that lets you scan the barcode or enter it using your keyboard. Our system validates the certificate if it is legitimate, tells you if it is not and advises you if it has been redeemed in the past, to guard against someone printing multiple copies or photocopying a legitimate certificate in an attempt to get multiple redemptions.

  • Other services say they'll make my offer available to thousands of new customers that are not in my current email list. Isn't this an advantage to my business?

    Perhaps, perhaps not. If you are in the restaurant business, the fact is that everyone eats and most people dine out at least occasionally. On the surface it would appear that a discounted food offer would appeal to most, or at least many of those thousands of people. However, it must be remembered that the revenue from those new customers is roughly 25% that of a full-paying customer. You only really help your business if that new customer comes back repeatedly. If the customer comes back a second time and buys an identical meal, your average revenue from that customer is 62 1/2%. The third visit increases your average revenue to only 75%. The fourth visit brings your average revenue for that customer to 81 1/4%, meaning you have extended that customer nearly an average 20% discount, and that's only if they visit you 4 times and pay full price after the first visit! Another dynamic you must beware of is that the people who aren't familiar with your business are willing to try it out because they are getting a 50% discount, not because they are really interested in your products or service over anyone else's. They are quite probably bargain hunters who in all likelihood will purchase the discounted offer down the street from you next week, rather than pay you full price, which means you may NEVER recoup your investment.

    If you're in a business which does not provide a necessary product or service, lets say golf, for example, the thousands of general email addresses your offer will go to will have limited appeal. While everyone eats, not everyone plays golf, bowls, bungee jumps or goes river rafting. The lure of placing an offer for this kind of business in front of thousands of people in the general population will in fact only appeal to a relatively small fraction of those people.

    The final dynamic you must consider is that your existing customers will take you up on your offer at 50% off rather than come in and pay you full price. That hurts your business because you're discounting where you don't need to. With myGroupOffer, you are sending offers out to people who have patronized your business in the past. You can offer them perhaps a 33% discount rather than 50% and they will gladly come in to your business rather than spend their money at one of your competitors. AND, you keep the full 67% of the revenue, you don't pay out half of your gross margin to the group offer company! The objective here is to provide an incentive to people who have done business with you in the past to do so again, and to be able to earn a reasonable profit while you fill otherwise under-used capacity.

    Whew - long answer, but a much more complex question than readily meets the eye.

  • After I decide to go ahead, how long before I can get my first offer out?

    It depends upon whether or not you already have an Internet gateway account. If you do, we can usually have your account created and have your email designed and your offer ready to appear in your website within 5 business days. If you don't have an account, it can take 3-4 days for your application to be processed by and have your account created. The final step is to have whomever maintains your website create a new page with a blank area in it where your group offer will appear. This is what the email recipient will see when they click the link in your email that invites them to buy your offer. The actual time to create the new page and imbed the link that will bring up your offers takes literally minutes to accomplish, but the time involved scheduling the work with your webmaster will vary, and we have no control over that. But - you do.

  • I'm the kind of person that will believe it when I see it. What's the least expensive way for me to try this out without spending a lot of money?

    We provide a one-time offer just for people like you. We charge $300 to create your account, design your email, design the offer that will appear in your website along with the credit card processing interface (you still need an Internet Gateway account). You can only run one offer this way, but there's no further obligation, and you keep all the revenue generated. If it doesn't work, you're out $300, we're out more, and at least we all gave it a good try. If it does work well for you, you make more revenue and we have gained you as a customer. We all limit our exposure to risk, and hopefully open new doorways to increased business.